It has been 150 years since the Council of Ten was defeated by the combined arms of southern legions and northern sorcery, and Skul Motha, ringleader of the rebel wizards, put to rest beneath the ruins of his twin fortresses, the Horns. The resulting civil war between the northern and southern cities of Antaria has long since burned down to embers, and an uneasy peace exists between the Old Empire – where magic rules supreme – and the New Republic – where the destructive arcane arts have been forbidden. Only Fort Glory – sitting in the shadow of the Horns, where Skul Motha’s army was definitively beaten – remains the subject of controversy.

It could be the dawn of a new golden age, when learning and creativity hold sway over the hearts of Antarians. Unless, that is, old forces were to blow anew upon the embers of old hatreds…

The Shadow of the Horns

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